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What happens online in 60 seconds? This will shock you.

Compared to the previous two years, how much of your online behaviour has shifted?

For the most part, individuals are spending more time in social apps to stay in touch, spending more money on eCommerce due to store closures and restrictions, and working from home, which creates new habits.

Even though it’s difficult to put a number on this shift, Domo‘s latest ‘Data Never Sleeps‘ chart offers us a good idea of how much time people are currently spending online, on average.

The following are some of the most important points to take away from this study:

  • There are currently 694,444 hours of video being seen on YouTube by users.
  • Zoom has 856 minutes of webinars available for attendees to watch.
  • There are 167 million videos seen each day by TikTok users.

Take a look at the following graph from Domo, titled ‘Data Never Sleeps 9.0.’

Data never sleeps; What happens on the internet in 60 seconds

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