Best WordPress Plugins for Customer Care

Using your website for customer assistance makes sense regardless of whether you’re a web designer with a diverse clientele or a developer with a line of goods. With it, users may help themselves while also receiving aid from you. Additionally, it can be used to neatly group assistance requests.

If your website is powered by WordPress, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to support plugins. They can build anything from a simple knowledgebase or FAQ to a full-fledged support ticketing system. As a result, you can create a customer service area that works for nearly any style of company.

The following are four WordPress plugins to help your business give superior customer service and support to its clients.

SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System

SupportCandy makes it simple to add a ticketing system to your website’s front and back ends with only a few clicks. Premium add-ons let you automate the process of creating and assigning tickets to an infinite number of support agent users.

Customers have the option of submitting tickets as guests or through their account. Custom fields, attachments, and email notifications are all supported by the plugin.

Tawk.To Live Chat

You can use the free Tawk widget with this plugin. Use a WordPress live chat plugin to communicate with your visitors (needs a free account). It’s possible to change how the widget looks and which sites it appears on, as well as embedding it anywhere using the shortcode provided.

There’s also an useful timer built in, so the widget only appears when you want it to. In addition, you can utilise the mobile app of the service to respond to inquiries from any location.

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs


Create categories and subcategories up to three layers deep, select from a wide range of predefined styles, and even use an AJAX live search to find what you’re looking for. Custom layouts and hosting of many bases on the same site are possible with premium add-ons.

Quick and Easy FAQs 

FAQs are an excellent choice for services and goods that don’t require extensive documentation. In addition, they’re useful for supplying prospective customers with important pre-sale information. When you use Quick and Easy FAQs, a special post type appears on your site, allowing you to enter as many questions as you like.

Displaying your FAQs can be as basic as a list, or it can be divided into sections and shown in several ways. WordPress Shortcodes are used to control how the content is displayed.

Ultimate FAQ 

FAQ plugins in this list like Ultimate FAQ make it simple to construct a database of questions and answers. Questions can be displayed in a variety of ways and can even be exported as a PDF and is also compatible with WooCommerce.

This might be a very useful option for retailers who want to provide customers with pre-sale information. The FAQs tab in the plugin’s premium edition makes things even simpler.

Support choices

The great thing about the plugins listed above is that they each give a unique method of customer service. To support clients, you don’t need require a large, complicated infrastructure. A basic FAQ can get the job done in some situations. It’s comforting to know, however, that more powerful choices are available should the need arise.

The key is to help others by first helping yourself. Having fewer support inquiries means you’ll have more time to help others, and having materials on your website will put you ahead of the game if they do.

Choose a course that makes life easier for everyone concerned, and then find solutions to the problems that arise. If you’re starting from scratch, the options presented above should be helpful.

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